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The American College of Cardiology reported that men with cardiovascular issues such as coronary artery disease, stent, heart attack, bypass surgery, carotid artery disease, transient ischemic attack (TiA), or stroke, and peripheral arterial disease such as  abdominal aortic aneurysm or pain in the legs on walking that is related to poor circulation, and low Testosterone level who are treated with Testosterone replacement therapy to normalize their level will have a better quality of life and live longer.

If you have one of these cardiovascular issues and are interested in checking your Testosterone level at our medical center in Boynton Beach.

The Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels

may fight depression

decreases body fat

may strengthen your heart

strengthens bones

may fight depression

increases libido and improves erections

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

problems with erections

hair loss

reduced bone mass

reduction in testicle size

lowered sex drive

difficulty sleeping

decrease in energy levels

What is the Program?

A study evaluating the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) approved by the US FDA to treat certain conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of natural testosterone (a male hormone) production.

Statistic: Testosterone levels also decrease with age as rapidly as 0.4–2% annually after age 30 years with 35% of men in the seventh decade having lower testosterone levels than younger men, and 13% of older age men meeting diagnostic levels for hypogonadism – According to the NIH (1).


Convenient location in Boynton Beach:

Imagine Research is located in the heart of Boynton Beach

What is Involved?

  • Questions will be asked about your symptoms, quality of life, and health at every visit
  • Receive testosterone therapy at no cost
  • A screening period of up to 60 days consisting of 2 to 3 visits to determine if you are eligible for the study
  • Labs will be collected to monitor your health throughout the study

Compensation/ Reimbursement

  • Compensation is offered after completion of trial
  • The option of a free pickup and drop off from your home to the testing center with Lyft
  • Ability to discuss results of the study with a physician


Neither you nor your insurance company will have to pay for the study medication or for the procedures related to the study.

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